The central objective of the 4DCo-GC project is to address the aircraft 4D guidance and control principle. More precisely, the aim of the project is to go deeper into the definition of the “4D contract concept” that has been developed in the FP6 IFATS (Innovative Future Air Transport System) project and that is now mentioned in major research programmes and projects such as SESAR (IP3), ASAS (Airborne Separation Assistance System) and NextGen.


Strongly based on the IFATS work and other projects such as SESAR, ASAS TN, SWIM and ERASMUS, the objective of the 4DCo-GC project is to develop a formal and structured approach to define, analyse and optimize the 4D contract guidance and control concept. Involving collaboration and communication tools, formal multidisciplinary analysis procedures, and advanced virtual environments in conjunction with the well established computer organisation, this approach will be concretized through the development of a set of distributed PC based computer tools, manned by a network of experts: the 4DCo-GC consortium members.

The project ended on October 31st, 2013 and is now over.

The general 4D contract concept is illustrated here.

The technical presentations given during the last demonstration workshop are available here, whereas some videos from the simulations can be fould here.