First 4DCo-GC simulation campaign - C1

The first 4DCo-GC simulation campaign (C1) has been held during the first week of July 2012 in the Onera premises in Toulouse, France.

06_photos_runion_internationale_petit During 3 days, the 4DCo-GC team (around 20 people) met in order to finalize the integration to the simulation backbone of the various modules developed in the frame of the project. Each module simulates a specific aspect of the 4DCo-GC concept: global traffic, 4D contract compliance monitoring, aircraft motion, etc. The simulation backbone is composed of 2 infrastructures (DataPool - DLR and HLA - Onera) connected by a dedicated gateway specifically developped for this purpose.

The demonstration to an external audience took place on Thursday July 5th, in front of a tenth of people. This audience came from Onera, but also from industrial, research and institutional entities.

A general presentation of the project was given, detailling its objectives and methodology, as well as a description of the 4D contract concept (motivation and main features).

Additional presentations gave explanation about the simulation infrastructure, the 4D contracts generation (based on real data) / modelling and the data link principles.

These presentation was followed by the simulations:

  • Global traffic (33,000 flights over Europe) flying 4D contracts
  • Contract compliance monitoring, checking the probability of each aircraft to fly out of its contract bubble
  • Local replanning, generating a new 4D contract for non-compliant aircraft
  • Emergency situation management, enabling separation provision in case of multiple failures (data link loss + contract non compliance)
  • Individual aircraft simulation: 4D FMS and aircraft motion, displayed in 3D


The simulations were followed by an open discussion about the 4D contract concept and the simulation performed.

This event was really successful and will be a perfect start for the preparation of the second - and final - simulation campaign (C2) of the project that will take place in DLR facilities around mid-2013.


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Last update Friday 13 July 2012