TRM and PMM 3 took place in Braunschweig, Germany, on September 7th and 8th, 2011.

This meeting was preceded by the first 4DCo-GC Advisory Board meeting, aiming at getting feedback from a group of experts external to the project. Discussion was very useful, and the use cases to be considered by the project have been modified accordingly.

The "conventional" consortium meeting was the opportunity to check the progress of each WP and to discuss on the 4D contract concept and the way to represent/simulate its various aspects (trajectory generation, aircraft motion, autopilot, etc.).

An integration workshop between Onera and DLR has been decided to work on the integration of both infrastructures, to be connected to perform the distributed simulations.

The organization of the first simulation campaign (C1), to be held in Onera during the first semester of 2012 is discussed. Especially, a first draft of the scenarios to be considered was drawn. A list of the priority of each module (regarding their availability for C1) was defined.

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