TRM and PMM 4 took place in Capua, Italy - CIRA premises - on December 6th and 7th, 2011.

The general progress of the work for each WP was checked.

The main part of the meeting has been dedicated to the representation of the main 4DCo-GC notions: the 4D contracts and 4D bubbles.


The result of this discussion is that the ATSM produces Contract Bubbles (CB - non intersecting) and Safety Bubbles (SB - shall not go out of the CB) around the bone trajectory, which is 4D.

Based on this, the aircraft calculates a Freedom Bubble (FB), in which it must keep its center of gravity all along the flight.

The dimension and shape of these bubbles could vary along the flight, in order to take into account the required accuracy (e.g. for landing) and the local traffic density (TMA).

Initial size for these bubbles was decided in order to set up the simulations.

The simulation basis scenario was defined in order to guide the future software development.

The first simulation campaign (C1) dates are fixed for the first week of July 2012. One day will be dedicated to the demonstration to external parties.

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Last update Friday 13 July 2012