Alenia Aeronautica S.p.A, Italy

Alenia Aeronautica S.p.A, Italy

Alenia Aeronautica S.p.A., a company of Finmeccanica S.p.A which is one of the Italy's major high tech companies, is among Europe's leading manufacturers of aircraft systems.

The company is dedicated to a full range of activities, from design and production to modification and product support for both military and civil aircraft. The majority of these activities entails collaborations with the world's most important aerospace industries.

In the military aircraft field the company designs and manufactures, directly or through international collaborations, combat and transport aircraft such as the Eurofighter/Typhoon, the ultimate European advanced combat aircraft, the AMX tactical aircraft, a joint program with Embraer of Brazil and Aermacchi of Italy, the tri-national Tornado multi-role combat aircraft, the C-27J Spartan tactical transport airlifter jointly developed with Lockheed Martin, the ATR42MP Surveyon in cooperation with EADS, a maritime patrol version of the ATR42 commuter aircraft.

Alenia Aeronautica plays a main role in the commercial aircraft sector.

Through its collaboration with EADS it has jointly developed the turbo-prop aircraft family for regional transport, ATR, which is now the most successful commuter program, with more than 600 units.

The technological capabilities shown by Alenia Aeronautica in the field of aerostructures have been widely credited, since the company has supported the world's major manufacturers in the construction of some of today's best-known commercial aircraft.

The company has long been co-operating with Boeing and participate in the manufacturing of B767, B777, B717, B757 with the supply of structural parts. Alenia Aeronautica also cooperates with Airbus consortium by manufacturing aerostructures for A321. In cooperation with EADS, it supplies structural parts for the A300/310 and the A340-500/600. Through BAE Systems, Alenia supplies machined parts for A319/320/321 and A340.

Alenia Aeronautica is also involved (with a 4% share) in the new A380 programme, the 550-seat civil aircraft which will be the most relevant strategic investment of Airbus in the next twenty years.

The company's research and development activities are focused on developing its different business lines, improving existing products, developing new European civil and military aircraft and increasing competitiveness through the enhancement of industrial processes.

Alenia Aeronautica research and development activities aim at developing its capabilities within the partnerships and collaborations in which it participates and focus on specific aeronautical technologies, material technologies and their production processes, on-board and mission systems and functional integration as well as feasibility and definition studies for new projects.

Employing a staff of more than 7452 people, it reached 2001 revenues of 1,140 million Euro, 80% of which from the export and with a Research & Development expenditure of more than 134 million Euro.

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