Centro Italiano Ricerche Aerospaziali ScpA, Italy

Centro Italiano Ricerche Aerospaziali ScpA, Italy

CIRA, the Italian Aerospace Research Centre, is a limited consortium company founded in July 1984. The Italian government has entrusted CIRA to manage the PRORA (Italian Aerospace Research Program).

CIRA institutional aim is :

  • to carry out the PRORA by realising Excellence Centres, which shall integrate Research Capabilities with the Large Fluid dynamic Facilities and Technological Laboratories in several main technologies areas
  • to be the National focal point in Aerospace Research and Technology
  • to contribute to the Competitive and Sustainable Growth of the Italian Aerospace Sector
  • to identify Scientific Objectives and develop Basic Research in synergy with the National and International Scientific Community
  • to support the Industry in Applied Research both in the development phase and in the technology validation phase
  • to act as a partner of the Scientific Community and Industry
  • to facilitate technology transfer from the aerospace field to other sectors
  • to provide technical assistance to public Authorities for qualification and regulations

As a member of EREA, CIRA works in close co-operation with European Aerospace Research Establishments.

CIRA will participate to the project with the Flight System Department (SISV) which has a large experience in the fields of Flight Mechanics, Flight Control and Automation, due to the participation in both international and national research activities and in supporting Italian aviation manufacturers. The activities carried out cover the whole development cycle of advanced flight control technologies starting from the theoretical study until the validation by means of real-time HW in the loop simulations and experimental flight tests by using small scale flying demonstrator.

In particular the department has direct expertise in the following fields :

  • Development and validation of flight mechanics models for performance/stability evaluation and assessment
  • Design of flight control laws to improve the bare aircraft/rotorcraft behaviour
  • Vehicle Trajectory optimisation and Control
  • Automatic Take Off and Landing for UAV
  • Control System Rapid Prototyping
  • Real-Time HW in the loop simulations
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