Israel Aircraft Industries, Israel

Israel Aircraft Industries, Israel

Israel Aircraft Industries is globally recognized as a leader in developing military and commercial aerospace technology. This distinction is the result of nearly a half-century of designing, engineering and manufacturing, for customers throughout the world.

From a relatively small operation to become an industry leader, a company must be versatile and highly motivated, innovative and competitive. IAI was built around these qualities, and has improved upon them with its years of acquired experience. Israel Aircraft Industries has operated for decades according to the laws, regulations and internationally accepted norms in the business world. As the Company endeavors to conform to the international atmosphere which dictates a close adherence to ethical standards, the Company has produced a special document The Business Behavior Code, which, together with existing standards and the commitment to providing high quality products and services, will ensure the continued strength and development of Israel Aircraft Industries. The Company's ambition is to continue to initiate and achieve technological breakthroughs that characterize the best in the industry.

Israel Aircraft Industries is Israel's main aerospace corporation. IAI employs approximately 14,500 people. A few of the many projects currently in progress at IAI are :

  • design, integration and manufacturing of a family of business jets; including the latest Galaxy (G200), and the current new design of Astra SPX wide body (G150) program ;
  • conversion of Boeing 747 from passenger to cargo configuration ;
  • jet engine nacelles ;
  • military aircraft upgrade programs ;
  • development and manufacturing of unmanned airborne vehicles (UAV's) for military and civil applications, etc.

IAI Headquarters includes five operating units: Commercial Aircraft Group (CAG); Bedek Aviation Group; Systems Missile and Space Group, Elta Systems Group and Military Aircraft Group (MAG).

The CAG's Engineering Division is a single site aerospace engineering centre. It's expertise encompasses every required aircraft development discipline and task - from concept definition to prototype flight-testing and certification.

Development and production of state-of-the-art executive jets is the CAG's flagship activity. Following the success of the Astra SP and the Astra SPX, the CAG has developed the GALAXY new generation executive jet and currently is developing the new G150 aircraft (Astra SPX wide body).

The Flight Control Systems department was responsible for the design and approval of all the digital FBW systems, for manned and unmanned aerial vehicles, that were developed under the military as well as under the commercial aircraft group.

The incentives of the Engineering Division and the FCS department in this project are to exploit the possibilities of improving the safety of flight, and exploring new automated systems.

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