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Final report of IFATS project

Final publishable summary
This report is the main deliverable of the project, and a good summary of all the results achieved within the timeframe of the project. Please contact the coordinator if you want to access specific ...

Scientific papers published by IFATS

IFATS autonomous aircraft, communication by IAI
A communication has been presented by our industrial partner IAI, related to IFATS autonomous aircraft. For more information on this matter, please contact directly Shlomo Rozental...
Collision Avoidance, publications by CIRA
Several papers have been published on the topic of "Collision avoidance" by CIRA, who developped new algorithms in the framework of IFATS project. Please contact directly Ciro Carbonne...
Fault detection, publication by the University of PATRAS
Several papers have been published in journals, or presented during international conferences, related to the results obtained during the project by our partner from the University of PATRAS...
Trajectory planning, publication by the TECHNION
A publication related to results obtained in the framework of IFATS by our partner from TECHNION University (Israel) is presented here under. For additional information, please contact directly Pr....

Press kits and communications made by IFATS partners

Article published in DLR journal (german)

This article has been published in DLR journal, following the meeting held in Braunschweig on december 2006.

Available in German only.

IFATS in French, ONERA

A document explaining IFATS concept to the french speaking public is available.